Our mission statement

inlingua opens up worlds: we make it easier for our customers to access foreign peoples and cultures by enabling them to communicate in foreign languages within a short period of time using highly qualified, native speaker trainers teaching in the target language only. We secure our customers' jobs in a world that is growing closer together by teaching them or improving their foreign languages and intercultural skills.


We are committed to continuous further development in order to offer our customers and employees the greatest possible security. We react to market developments and generate economic growth as a result. This growth enables us to invest our profits and capabilities in developing and delivering innovative products, services and solutions.


Our aim is to generate a good operating result to enable local growth, new jobs, investments and expansion.

Customer loyalty

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality language training, services and solutions. We benefit from a personal relationship with our customers.

Market leadership

We ensure our company's growth by supplying markets in which we are already represented with meaningful and innovative products, services and solutions. We are also moving into new areas that build on our experience and expertise in language training and integrate our customers' changing needs. Our multicultural team of employees exemplifies different cultures, religions and skin colours working together in a spirit of trust. As a service company, we are committed to constantly improving our quality in order to provide our customers with the best possible service and our employees with the best possible working environment. We want enthusiastic employees and enthusiastic customers. Our declared goal is to set ourselves apart from the competition. The individual analysis of customer needs and special training concepts ensure strong and long-term customer loyalty. New customer relationships often arise from personal recommendations.

Social responsibility

As a private institution, we meet our social obligations in all areas. These include, for example, creating a large number of jobs subject to social insurance contributions compared to the industry as a whole. We also make another crucial contribution by conducting integration courses, ARGE measures and advanced training events.

Committed employees

We allow our employees to participate in the company's success, as they make it possible in the first place. We offer our employees performance-based employment opportunities and create a safe and creative working environment with them. The versatility and individuality of every single person is highly valued by us. This is how our employees find satisfaction and fulfilment in their work.