The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

The reference framework ensures comparability

The European Framework of Reference for Languages makes language literacy transparent and comparable. For each partial qualification (listening, reading, writing and speaking) there are detailed descriptions, which language competence with which level is reached.

Language level - what can I do when?

The chart gives answer. Here you will find the exact description of the individual language proficiency levels.

You can understand simple instructions, can receive and transmit simple messages, and can understand memos and short product descriptions on familiar topics.

You can ask and answer brief questions in daily business life, are able to make simple statements, and can handle travel situations. You understand slow, clear spoken language, even on the telephone. You can read simple texts, signs, and instructions.

You represent your company within your area of expertise when dealing with international contacts. You communicate purposefully and are capable of varying your statements. You can follow conversations and telephone calls with increasing confidence. You understand standard business correspondence, reports and minutes of meetings and can compose basic business texts and the outcomes of meetings.

Your job expertise is reflected in the authoritative way in which you communicate in the foreign language. You are able to work together with project members in their native language and give short, spontaneous presentations. You follow negotiations and presentations, as well as difficult technical telephone conversations with confidence. You read and understand challenging newspaper articles, trade journals and business reports.

You feel comfortable communicating with business partners in their native language and apply your high level of fluency to any business situation successfully. You follow complicated negotiations at a normal speaking pace and also recognize idiomatic language. You deal with documents at all levels of commercial communication. You compose speeches and reports about complex topics on your own.

You communicate as naturally in the foreign language as in your native language. You master linguistic subtleties and participate in all business situations actively and effortlessly. You feel completely confident on the telephone. You read and understand any document without difficulty.